CFP Events


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Execution, Graphic Design, photography and Event Brochures

CFP Events had just started in business and asked Hope & I Design to set up a brand identity system. After research and discovery, we soon found that CFP Events needed to punch above its weight to get on board some of the top c-suit speakers and sponsors in the world.

Hope & I Design created a new logo that was both strong and sharp. We were also commissioned to photograph both UK and US events with exclusive rights to CFP events, helping the organisation to develop a brand that was ongoing whilst getting a foothold in the market.

With a strong brand identity applied to stationery, digital and printed brochures, event stands and banners, today CFP are one of the market leaders in the risk finance event sector.


I have had the pleasure of working with Mat for several years on design and photography projects, both in London and NYC. Mat is attentive to detail and client requirements, understanding the specifications beforehand, to ensure work is carried out smoothly. He is a professional that thrives on new challenges, while also ensuring that repeat projects have continuity and change. 

- Andreas. Centre for Financial Professionals