KJA architectural


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Execution, Graphic Design

Ken Judge & Associates Ltd are experienced residential and commercial building surveying and architectural consultancy firm, offering feasibility and planning through to full site management and contract administration.

Ken Judge & Associates care about their clients and their friendly team is committed to providing a professional service. Located in Essex and have been established for over 30 years. Ken Judge & Associates offer reliability that you can trust and can expect the highest standards at every stage of their work.

Hope & I Design helped position the brand strategically and visually so KJA could move forward for another 30 years. 

A view was considered to appeal to the younger generation +30 year old, with a clean and modern logo and identity system. Providing the client with peace of mind, we set up the objective, goals, scope of work and schedule. 

Once KJA confirmed our proposal, we proceeded to the next stage of process - brand strategy. This included further discovery and exploration with the KJA and its partners. As part of our brand strategy, we had also built up images and words associated with the businesses and design attributes. We then defined these and put together a synopsis before starting on logo creation.

This is an important step that sets the direction, value and a story for a new brand identity to come to life.

The KJA architectural logo symbolises the business and design attributes, fulfilling the objective and positioning KJA with a modern and clean logo mark. 

We considered the logo to be abstract but legible to read. The mark is based on isometric form with a connection K and A at a 60° angle gives the feeling of a house, planning, architectural.

The angles are also carried throughout the visual identity as a graphic element. The aim is to highlight boldness and active, reinforcing the brands visual perception.

Old logo.gif