Hamilton Mayday


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Execution, Graphic Design and Messaging

Hamilton Mayday is a recruitment organisation specialising in catering and hospitality. We were asked to design a brand identity system, uniting the brand message and dedicating its services towards building everlasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Hamilton Mayday’s corporate brand identity includes a monogram logo, supporting typefaces, imagery and symbols that when combined form a clean visual representation of Hamilton Mayday's brand. Its specially drawn icons encompasses the brand’s connection to its clients and candidates, as well as the people they care for - the staff.

The logo's word mark uses Gotham Bold with added rounded corners for a softer look and feel. The monogram was created to form an interlocking letter formation, with symmetry and balance for consistency. Integrated within the monogram are the letters 'H' and 'M' and can also be seen in the form of two people welcoming each other.

Three symbols follow the same style as the monogram and is used to tell the use about their potential journey with Hamilton Mayday.