Brand design

To share your vision you need brand design. From creating a logo, to developing a brand personality and identifying your messages, we ensure your brand shares your values and messages through striking design.

Digital design

The word digital covers everything from social media advertising, online campaigns, interactive PDFs, digital brochures and online guides. We know how to bring your brand into the digital age with pixel perfect design solutions.

Brand activation

After creating your brand design we need to deliver it. This can be through events, a mobile app, website, advertising, marketing or something quirky and will use channels that resonate with your audience.

Print design

We have the know-how to produce a range of materials from colour management to prepressing anything tangible. We find the materials that work with your brand, whether you need business cards and large format prints or 100 page annual reports and brochures.

Logo design

A logo alone is not a brand, it is simply a visual mark that represents your brand. First impressions count so your logo needs to symbolise your business ethos in a timeless and identifiable manner.

Photography/art direction

Photography and other visual aids speak volumes, they communicate the messages that just cannot be put into words. We photograph corporate events to portraits and images for advertising. Visuals reinforce why you’re so good at what you do.


We are quite nosey, but there’s a point to the questions

Here's how it works

About your customer

Who will be engaging with your brand and why? How do they like to receive their information? What do they want from you?

Delivering your brand

Sharing your brand is about more than producing some marketing materials. We will create guidelines so everyone knows exactly how to communicate your brand. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it so everyone is speaking from the same page.

About your goals

What do you do and how? What drives you to success? Where do you see your business going?

Feedback matters

After delivering your brand design, we want to know what you think and how we could improve. What could we do better. We want to know.

Your messages

These messages are essential in communicating what you do, to your audience. Your time and investment in Hope & I Design will be the seeds from which your brand grows and blossoms.

By the way

As much as we’d like to, we can’t do everything. If there’s a service we don’t currently offer then you can be sure we know some very talented copywriters, photographers and designers who can work with us.  Your own creative design team. Just ask.