Tools for schools


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Execution, Whiteboard, Illustration, Graphic Design | Commission Cartoonist and Developer

Hope & I Design teamed up with CILT (The National Centre for Languages), where we created a brand identity for 'Tools for Schools', a range of interactive SMART board resources for KS2 Learning in French, German and Spanish. 

We commissioned a SMART board developer and cartoonist for the applications base. Hope & I Design then set up strategy and a project plan to bring all this together.  In total, over 250 illustrations were sketched and digitally enhanced in 50 storylines across 12 CDs

The finished product was well received by the TDA and schools and local authorities found the resources user-friendly and engaging for children, who enjoyed the stories.


Having Matheos in the team meant I knew we would always get the best value when buying print. He is acutely aware of budget constraints and produces relevant design to brief and to deadline. He's a great team player, with a real contribution to make.

Tamzin. CILT (The National Centre for Languages)